Septic Betterment Program from Town of Ipswich website; 


The Town of Ipswich invites those in need of septic system repairs or replacement to apply for a Loan under the Town’s Septic Management Betterment Program. The proceeds of a loan from the Massachusetts Water Pollution Abatement Trust and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection are being utilized to help homeowners comply with Title 5, 310 CMR 15.000 of the State Environmental Code. This will be done by repairing or replacing failed on-site sanitary sewage disposal systems or providing connections to the municipal sewer system. The goal of the Betterment Program is to protect the public health, safety, welfare and the environment through the repair, replacement and/or upgrade of failed systems.


The Betterment Program is offering a 2% interest loan with a maximum 18 year payment plan. This allows homeowners to repair their septic systems through the payment of a betterment. There is no credit check required, although all municipal accounts must be paid up to date. Only homeowners that are certified by the Tax Collector’s Office and Utilities Department as showing no outstanding balances due are eligible for the Betterment Program.

The loan application is processed under the direction of the Health Agent/Program Administrator. Loan payments must be made annually with the third quarter tax assessment to cover the amount of the loan plus 2% annual interest.

More information can be found in these documents: Betterment Program Information , Sample Betterment Agreement .


All Ipswich households will be eligible to participate. Evidence of a failed system must be presented through an Official Title 5 Inspection Report completed by an Ipswich permitted System Inspector.

HOW DO I APPLY?  To obtain an application you may download it from the Town of Ipswich website or call the Health Agent during Town Hall operating hours at 978.356.6606.