The Smart Home

Posted on July 13, 2015 by Keller Williams Realty International1 Comment ↓

It is now easier than ever to control virtually everything in a home with the simple click of a button or smart phone app. What was once only science fiction has become reality.

Not only can smart gadgets make homes more convenient and efficient, they also have the potential to increase home values and make them more attractive to buyers. Here are three popular smart home upgrades that could potentially increase home value and desirability, especially among millennial buyers who crave convenience and technology:


Programmable thermostats have been around for decades and are standard in most homes.  Smart thermostats, like nest, offer the ability to change the temperature and control it from your phone when you are away.

It even has the ability to track your temperature preferences and program itself within a week of installation.


Why Buyers Like This Feature

One huge advantage the nest has over other programmable thermostats is its ability to alert homeowners when a set temperature threshold has been reached.

Imagine having the ability to receive a notification that the temperature in your home is rapidly rising or falling alerting to a potential A/C or heat unit malfunction. This feature is especially comforting for people with pets. During the extreme summer and winter months, this could be potentially life-saving.

Another attractive benefit to a smart thermometer is the energy savings it promises. New home buyers are often concerned with potential future savings over the cost of their mortgage. The prospect of lowered energy bills is attractive.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide  Detectors

Smart smoke detectors not only sound an alarm when smoke is detected, they also monitor for carbon monoxide. These products are also available from nest.

These potentially life-saving gadgets can send alerts to your cell phone when danger is suspected.

Depending on the brand, some smart smoke detectors speak before they sound to allow the homeowner a chance to dismiss the alarm before it sounds.

Why Buyers Like This Feature

Some homeowner insurance companies offer discounted premiums for homes with smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

 Keyless Entry

Another smart gadget gaining popularity is keyless door locks. These devices have the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors from a smart phone. No more turning around to make sure you locked the front door or leaving keys under the mat.

At $250 per door as sold by august store, these locks are significantly more expensive than traditional locks.

Why Buyers Like This Feature

Among the advantages of keyless entry is the ability to program locks to allow certain access codes for specific time periods. For example, if you have a cleaning service or dog walker, you can provide them with a code to use on certain days and times only. This offers security and flexibility for many home owners. 

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  • Tina says:
    July 16, 2015 at 5:28 pm We have the Wink system in our house. We’ve had keyless entry and programmable lights and outlets for about a year and absolutely love it. We can run macros from our phones to turn off all the lights in the house at the same time, or set timers on outlets for a fan to run during specific hours. It’s nice to not have to worry about getting up to shut off all the lights at night, or knowing that the porch light will be on when you get home late at night. The keyless entry means no more fumbling for the right key to unlock your door – and no more arguments with my husband because he forgot to lock the door (ours is on a 30 second auto-lock timer). We’re working on installing the Nest and the smoke/CO detectors in our new house as well!