The royal wedding will be here before anyone knows it. That might strike some as strange, since the royal wedding hype is starting to drag on. However, an important milestone in the countdown has already been reached. On Wednesday, Jan. 19, there were 100 days to go until Prince William and Kate Middleton are to get married. On Thursday, Jan. 20, the countdown will go down from triple to double digits. Therefore, the number of days before the royal wedding may reach single digits before anyone knows it.

Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged in October and made it public in mid-November. Over two months have now gone by since their big announcement, and there are only over three left. It may seem like there's still plenty of time before they walk down the aisle, yet it only seems that way.

It might already be too late to book hotel rooms for the royal wedding, although bookings have gone up by 40 percent, according to the Daily Mail. Once Prince William and Kate announced their route to Westminster Abbey, the nearby hotels became the hottest ticket in London.

1,000 new rooms are said to be prepared for April 29, with three new hotels opening as well. Yet although they were quick to spring up, they will just as quickly be snatched up by tourists and British citizens.

After Wednesday, there will be under 100 days left until the royal wedding. If onlookers haven't got their plans set for April 29 by now, it could be too late before long. But those difficulties are nothing compared to those who are actually putting the ceremony together.

For all that they've revealed about the big day so far, there are tons of other things that they have to keep secret right now. One of them is Middleton's dress, which the tabloids and blogs are scrambling to uncover. According to the BBC, there are over 300,000 Google results on the subject, although none of them know what the dress is.

There are still just under 100 days left for any royal wedding secrets to be uncovered. But even in the social media age, some things can still be kept under wraps. Considering the hype around Prince Williams and Kate, that may seem impossible. However, the royals remain adept at hiding a few things - after all, it took a few weeks for the engagement to be made public.

When the date of April 29 was first announced, it looked like a long way off. Yet the last couple of months have gone by in a flash, and the next 100 days or so will do the same - to the delight of Kate and William's massive audience.

Robert Dougherty Robert Dougherty Wed Jan 19, 6:04 pm ET