Did you know that:

1.  that all plastics number 1 to 7 can be recycled?

2.  that you can recycle glass, cans, cardboard and paper  as well as

3.  newspapers, magazines

4.  junk mail and envelopes and

5.  OJ or milk cartons

6.  you can put latex paint dried out into your regular trash?

Check with your town as to when leaf collection is:  usually mid-November.

Other approaches for recycling include:

1.  construction waste:  Mellow Disposal of Georgetown, MA (978.352.9948)/pay be weight.

2.  household hazardous waste:  call your town's health department

3.  for appliances and metal items that you are not able to get to a Transfer Station, call JRM to pay with credit card and schedule pickup at 978.536.2500.